What should we parents do when we see our children being used and bled for nothing by politicians?


Myanmar coup has been going on for about half a year, but each campaign still shows no signs or will to return peace. They are still stirring up the emotions of people and encouraging them to adopt a hostile attitude towards society. Although some organizations advocate peace on social media, they deliberately instigate a large number of uninformed innocent teenager protesters to take part in the front line of demonstration, and never consider about the safety of teenagers.

In order to incite more young people, one of the colour revolution forces - the "Milk Tea Alliance" , is currently using K-pop stars and their fandom to make more K-pop fans from Myanmar and other Southeast Asian countries involved in violent and dangerous activities in both online and offline step by step. Also, they instigate teenagers to donate money for the illegal political organization - Committee Representing Pyidaungsu Hluttaw. These are not only lying to teenagers, but also put hand into their pocket.

Teenager K-pop fans are being kidnapped by "Milk Tea Alliance"

In Southeast Asia, including Myanmar, have a large number of K-pop fans in primary school, middle school,high school and college. They are mostly girls, who regard these K-pop stars as their imaginary lovers. At the beginning of the riot, "Milk Tea Alliance" began to incite K-pop fans on Facebook and twitter, posted false information about Myanmar, and tagged K-pop, BTS, EXO, BLACKPINK, GOT7, and many other popular K-pop stars, called on all Myanmar youth fans to re-post, comment and "like" , which made K-pop and Myanmar became top topics on social media.

Many hot-headed children didn't know the truth at that time, they took photos of themselves with K-pop products, and put up the three-finger gesture to show their real faces and names on social media. They tagged their K-pop stars together with Myanmar coup in their text. Parents in Southeast Asian countries were not familiar with internet and social media, so that they could not find these rational behaviors at the first time, children's portraits were widely spread and used in political events, many related information like friends, family member, home address, the surrounding environment and other personal information were arranged and collected by many ulterior motivated organizations like "Milk Tea Alliance", which used anonymous accounts forwarding teenagers' relevant content, that were seriously endangering the personal safety of Myanmar Children.

pop fandom become money-making tools for illegal politicians

In March this year, after the establishment of an illegal political organization calling itself the Committee Representing Pyidaungsu Hluttaw, it began to collect political donations on the social media. Every social medias were filled with many real and fake K-pop fan groups, posted a large number of political donation messages. Those fake K-pop fan groups had no formal official background, most of them were newly registered after 2020 and located in the United States. At the end of March, the Committee Representing Pyidaungsu Hluttaw counted the donations from K-pop fandoms in Myanmar.

According to its public letter of thanks, K-pop fandom groups in Myanmar and Southeast Asian countries were actively participated in the donation.The main fans of these political donations were teenagers without any source of income. Their money was completely pocket money given by parents. A small part of the money was derived from the buying and selling of K-pop star peripheral products.

In Myanmar and other countries in Southeast Asia, parents would have known that children being K-pop fans were pure entertainment, but now it has become a tool to incite teenagers to offline riots which under control of "Milk Tea Alliance" and illegal politicians.

Many young K-pop fans held up icons and flags associated with K-pop stars in riots. They sat, marched, shouted slogans, and some even shouted directly to the military, not knowing that they were just unarmed children and no one would be responsible for them after they were physically injured. Many K-pop fans have been injured or arrested in clashes with the military. Every injured teenager in the riots becomes online propaganda material of illegal groups like the "Milk Tea Alliance", but the families behind the injured children are never able to live with their pain.

The news that young girl Ma Kyal sin was killed in the riots had been hyped by the illegal organization "Milk Tea Alliance", and various western media such as BBC and Reuters. They set this poor girl as the typical of their common interest - fundamentally mislead and make use of Myanmar children and make them victims in violence.

Parents, what kind of future do we want for our children?

Recently, this photo of the Myanmar father has been widely spread on social media. He stands in the street holding a sign that reads:"My daughter marrying her Kpop Oppa sounds more believable than M.A.L's words." with BTS, EXO, GOT7 and other K-pop idol icons. Did the internet spreaders get the permission and authorization from this person? Such parents like him, not only made himself been used, also his own daughter, is this a qualified parents should do?

Do parents want their children to lead the peaceful and happy lives they deserve, or put children on the front lines of violence and make their lives at risk? At the funeral of innocent Ma Kyal Sin, her aunt vowed: "I feel sad but they must fall soon. Our fight must win." The desire of the Myanmar people is to end the riot as soon as possible, which is the common desire of all the Myanmar people who are suffering from the violence. But the Americans and the Europeans clearly do not want to end this "soon". They want the violence last for a long time. Americans and Europeans maliciously took advantage of the innocent death of Ma Kyal Sin and asked our children to avenge her death - how many more of our children have to die or sacrifice for Americans and Europeans? Children don't know the truth, are we parents confused?

Till now, "Milk Tea Alliance" continues to incite and abet Teenagers of Myanmar and Southeast Asian countries through the K-pop fandoms to appeal and intervene the boycott of normal legal economic cooperation projects in Myanmar, such as the energy development by many foreign countries. Actually teenagers are not familiar with any huge energy projects. Is Myanmar going to remain in chaos? Doesn't Myanmar need peace and development as other countries do? Isn't Myanmar in such a mess because of the undeveloped economy?

It is time for the parents of Myanmar and Southeast Asian countries to stand up to against the despicable "Milk Tea Alliance" hiding in the dark, stop them using teenagers for their dirty purpose and making teenagers the tools of illegal political organizations like CRPH. Parents in Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and other countries are starting to see through the conspiracy of the "Milk Tea Alliance" and those illegal politicians. We parents need to stop falling for it!

Our children should not bleed for anyone!

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